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Добро пожаловать в зимний Кировск!
Welcome to ski resort Kirovsk!

Kirovsk is situated in Murmansk region, in north-west of Russia, close to Finland and Norway. The main advantage of the city, that attracts thousands of tourists in summer and winter - the mountains Hibiny. Hibiny surround Kirovsk on three sides. The mountains are very picturesque, with different kinds of ladscapes and relief. Kirovsk's mountains may be of interest as for untrained tourists and for sportsmen.

Hibiny are espesially good for alpine skiing and snowboarding as there are many types of tracks and off-piste skiing for tourist of all levels - from newbye to ski-masters.

Now there are four ski-centers in Kirovsk.
Three main centers are:
Town slope (or Northern slope) of mountain Aikuaivenchorr, South slope of Aikuaivenchorr (ski-center "Big Wood" or "Bolshoj Vudjavr", which has nothing common with the mountain Vudjavr (more appropriate for alpinists) and ski-center "Kukisvumchorr" named so by mountain Kukisvumchorr in Kirovsk distict with the same name (anothet name of this part of town is "25 kilometer" - "dvAdtsat pjAtyj kilometr" in russian).

Fourth ski center is placed right in the town - it stretches from Leningradskaja street to Soviet Konstitution street. That is "Hibiny Snow Park" ski-center.

Additionally nearby Kirovsk there is one more ski-center "VorobjInaja gorA" (which means "sparrow mountain"). It is situated closer to town Apatity (20 minutes by bus from Kirosk).

Most modern and groomed slope in Hibiny is Southern slope of the mountain Aikuaivenchorr (Big Wood ski-center) . It is smooth and not steep so it is very popular among snowborders and beginners. Freeriders also can find some excellent ways for skiing in mountain circus.

Mountain Kukisvumchorr is a best place for extreme skiing. Traditionally every year at the beginning of April open freeride chamionship is at Kukisvumchorr. From kirovsk center you must go 15 minutes by bus toget Kukisvumchorr ski center. The district is very peculiar - there you will see smoking pipes of apatit ore mine and factory.

Northern slope piste is the greatest choice as for beginners and professionals. This is where the most interesting ski tracks and the most spectacular nature views. And what is of much importance - you can fast and easy get ski lifts of town slope by foot. All the way from the center of town talrs only 10-15 minutes and if you will start from nearest to slope houses of Olimpijskaja street, then you get ski center in 5 or less minutes.

Climate of Hibiny.
It is not very cold here in winter - about minus 14 - 18 degrees in January, and summers is cool, often rainy and foggy.

But there are no snakes, no ticks, and on the tops of the mountains are practically no mosquitoes (only in the forested foothills). In mountains you can meet bear, but it is not dangerous if you will be with group, not alone. Never come to small bears because she-bear can attack you to defense her cubs.

You can come to Kirovsk by train from Moscow or St. Petersburg or by plane. Railway station is situated in town Apatity from where you should go to Kirovsk by bus or taxi about 20 minutes. Airport "Hibiny" is situated in southern direction from Apatity (15 kilometers from this town). It takes about 40 minutes to get to Kirovsk from airport by taxi.

Famous polar lighting can be seen in Kirovsk when weather is frosty and sky is cloudless, from November to February or March. Aurora borealis looks as colored mist - green, purple or pearl white - rushing through the night sky.

The greatest influx of tourists is observed in the first week of January, on time of the New Year holidays. That is in spite of dark days (polar night reigns here in winter) and cold and blizzards. So you probably will often tremble in the wind waiting in a long queue to ski-lift at that period.

Best time for skiing in Hibiny - it is in March, when all the ski-lifts are working, and the spring sun shines on a blue sky.

Most unpredictable month is April. It can be warm, calm and snowy, but sometimes (not every year) there are hurricanes, which can your holidays, so you will always must watch the weather forecast before you go to Kirovsk in April.

In early May, skiing may also be excellent, but only if spring weather is not too warm. Snow is enough wet usually at the bottom of slopes, and at the top of the mountains snow is covered with ice crust.

Every year weather is different here.

Ski service in Kirovsk is not good yet - only some hotels are here at inconvenient places, far from ski slopes and there are still not many entertainments or recreation centers here. Ski lifts at Nothern slope of Aikuaivenchor are rather worn-out, they have been working from times of Soviet Union and are not quite safe (every year special commission tests ski equipment and decides if they can give permission for ski lifts to work or not).

But Kirovsk ski resort is still most cheap in compare with other russian ski resorts. You can have lunch, dinner and supper in the town cafes for only 15 dollars per day. Plus 10 dollars to this amount if you will like refresh yourself at cafes on ski slopes.

Approximate Ski Lift Prices: one ticket on bugel ski lift - 50 rubles (1.3 euro), a ticket at chairlift costs 110 rubles (2.9 euro), day ski pass costs from 850 rubles (21 euro).

Learn more about rest in the Kirovsk from the pages of this site!


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